Somali Pirates Research Paper

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This article will describe the lifestyle of the Somali Pirates. No one in Somalia brings home as much as the pirates do, some say it 's easy being a pirate. The pirates usually make as much as $150 billion a year, making money like that is easier when the law cannot interfere with them. Pirates are not technically terrorists but many people feel that they should be treated as one. Piracy is considered wrong not illegal in Somalia, that’s why the men never get into trouble. Somali Pirates have a large impact on the whole world. These men have cost the global economy around as much as eighteen billion dollars. All kidnappings and holding hostages these men do have made other fishermen paranoid to go into the ocean. Since the fishermen are paranoid, that means they will not go sailing which means they cannot get shipping or fishing done, therefore losing money. A recent Internet discussion session on Somali piracy highlighted…show more content…
It does not matter what type of ships, but it is mostly fishing boats or cargo ships. Piracy off the coast of Somalia, one of the world 's crucial shipping lanes, has plunged this year because of aggressive military and intelligence steps that have made it too costly for seafaring bandits to operate, regional diplomats and naval officials said. These pirates have held many "trespassers" hostage to trade them for money. Somali Pirates have a very lavish lifestyle, they use the money from ransom and use it for themselves. The pirates marry beautiful women, buy new guns, and have the most amazing houses. Abdi Farah Juha who lives in the regional capital, Garowe says, "They have money; they have power and they are getting stronger by the day." Piracy s socially classified as "very fashionable" making them quite popular. Most of them are aged between 20 and 35 years. The rewards they receive are rich in a country where almost half the population need food aid after 17 years of non-stop
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