Somalia Informative Speech

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1. Today you will read three separate key points that focus on educating you on the nation of Somalia. First, you will be awed by the horrific living situations explained by their sustenance and health. Next, you will be given a brief history overview and a myth about a brutal and tyrannous female queen. Finally, main point three will close out the paper with why the United States has an interest in Somalia. Lets discover something about Somalia!

2. The nation of Somalia is a nation plagued by famine, disease, war and death. In 1975 an official census was taken and concluded that the population of Somalia was approximately 10,616,380.2 Since then because of the famine and clan wars that have plagued Somalia, the census bureau has been unable to acquire a more recent and updated population estimate. Of the approximately 10.6 million people who call Somalia their home, in 2014 almost 35,000 living adults were infected with either HIV or AIDS.2 If that wasn’t bad enough the people of Somalia are constantly trying to avoid contracting a number of other bacteria and diseases. Some of the worst are a protozoal diarrhea, Hepatitis A&E, typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria and rabies.2 Because of the combination of these diseases and bacteria accompanied by the
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Somalia’s history and folklore play a large part in why the country is in a constant state of war and famine. It stems back to the folklore of Queen Caraweelo who would castrate newborn males in fear they might one day dethrone her.1 Ultimately, her grandson would one day rise up and kill her.1 As for the actual history of Somalia, the British first occupied it in the 1960’s but then withdrew because of a coup.2 Through the years Somalia experiences multiple attempts at democracy and receives aid from national governments to try and get the country out of its self inflicted famine and war. Finally, in 2012 the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) was formed and elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud as
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