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2LT Dean, Russell
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I and Somalia against the world.
I and my clan against Somalia.
I and my family against the clan.
I and my brother against the family.
I against my brother
-- Somali Proverb

Geographically located on the Horn of Africa, Somalia lies south of the Gulf of Aden and is bordered by Ethiopia to the west and Kenya to the southwest. Somalia covers a total of 246,201 square miles which is slightly smaller than the state of Texas. The capital city of Mogadishu is located on the Central-Eastern coastline. The desert climate of Somalia hosts an arid interior and humid coastal region. Like the United States, Somalia also
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However, it is estimated that the population lies near 10.6 million with about 39% residing in urban areas. The official languages used are Somalian and Arabic. The Somalian language is divided into three dialects that are regionally dictated. Af-Maymay is the common dialect between Shabelle and the Juba Rivers. Af-Benaadir is the main dialect from the Mogadishu coast and South. Standard Somalian is spoken everywhere else. These dialects differ to such an extreme that it is difficult for citizens from different dialect speaking regions to comprehend one another. Only about 50% of the males and 26% of females are literate. This is likely due to the country not adopting its current Latin based common script until 1972 to be used in educational…show more content…
casualties, four hundred U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force operators were deployed to Mogadishu under the Joint Special Operations Command. Their mission was to capture foreign minister Omar Elmi and political advisor Mohamed Awale. This mission started out successfully with the capture of both individuals but due to delays, local militia throughout the area were able to construct barricades that would block the convoy moving to extract the operatives. This critical delay would convert what was planned to be a ninety minute long mission into a deadly seventeen hour battle resulting in one-hundred and three U.S. and coalition casualties, two Black Hawk helicopters being shot down by RPG’s, and an estimated eight hundred and fifty enemy

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