Some Lessons From The Assembly Line Analysis

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In the article "Some Lessons from the Assembly Line", by Andrew Braaksma, the key points are how the working conditions in the factory play into how the author viewed his college experience. Also, how the uncertainty of the jobs lifespan pushes him to work hard in his classes. Lastly, how many of his classmates are taking their college experience for granted and not making the most of their education keep him in line at college. The author expands upon these and a few other key points and relates his work experience to the reason he appreciates his college education. The author's main claim of how his factory job reminds him to do well in college is legitimate because of the working conditions, how factory jobs are leaving the United States, and the demeanor of the other college students. I agree with the author's claim because I am also experiencing the same feelings…show more content…
Factory jobs and other blue-collar jobs keep the working college student performing well in college to get out of those blue-collar jobs. The author supports all of his key points lightly, but effectively. While only barely giving examples, he illustrates why the factory job life has pushed him to do well in college. He has used his personal experiences to press him in his classes versus the experiences of his classmates that work mainly retail or restaurant jobs. The author has become more humble through his working experiences and uses it to better his education. One insight from this article is how a college education equals the strong possibility of not having a factory job. Another insight is how working the blue-collar job can push a person to better themselves to offer a better and more stable career future by successfully completing their college
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