Some Lessons From The Assembly Line By Andrew Braaksma Analysis

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Education vs. Blue Collar Some Lessons From The Assembly Line By Andrew Braaksma is a story of a gentleman who works in factory 's during his breaks throughout college. He describes the differences of the college life vs. the blue collar working life. The story goes on to explain the struggles between the two, as well as his views on them. The articles theme of higher education vs. none is very plausible because Braaksma recognizes the negativities of blue collar work, defends the benefits of higher education, and includes captivating personal experiences. The author talks about what life would be like if he never went to college, in addition to his work experiences during the fall breaks. "The most stressful thing about blue-collar life is knowing your job could disappear overnight" says Braaksma (2005). Decreasing wages, layoffs, and relocating factories overseas can result in major life changes. Not knowing if you will have a job every week can be stressful. Most people would not be able or even want to handle that kind of stress. "Factory life has shown me what my future might have been like had I never gone to college" (Basskama, 2005). Showing the audience…show more content…
He shared personal experiences and hardships he had been through with the audience. Within the article, he explains that school is not easy, whereas blue-collar factory work is more unpleasant. After reading Braaksma article, my comprehension on how important higher education has opened my eyes. It makes me wish I would have gone to school sooner instead of learning the hard way. Additionally, my appreciation for factory workers and the work they do has grown dramatically. Being able to live a stressful blue collar life is probably more exhausting than I could ever imagine. Take in everything Braaksma has said in his article before making the choice for yourself. Higher education at a young age is beneficial to
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