Some Lessons From The Assembly Line Summary

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Can the pursuit of a higher degree change your life? If you answered no then maybe you would benefit from reading Andrew Braaksma article “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line.” When this article was produced Braaksma used his work to win a contest named Back to School, while he was a junior at the University of Michigan. Braaksma also worked his summers at an automotive plant in southwest Michigan where he learned some valuable lessons not taught in the classroom. Anyone thinking about returning to college or students of any age should understand the importance of higher education because the reality of working for a living is harder than you think, the physical toll’s it can place on the body, and lack of a job security that comes from not having a higher education.

Braaksma points out some of the reality of working for a living without a degree can prove to be harder than most people understand. Braaksma states that “sweating his summers away as a factory worker makes him more than happy to hit the books.” It can be extremely sticky hot and brash with all the machines in your work zone. In
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Braaksma states, “knowing your job could disappear overnight.” This can happen to someone one day you have a job the next day it is gone. The company you work for can “downsizing and overseas relocation” overnight. We have no clue when or if a company plans to move their operations to save money for cheaper labor. Workers had informed Braaksma that the company will be “moved to Mexico, where people will work for 60 cents an hour.” Any business person has their job to find ways to save money for the company unfortunately, the company does not include your opinion when working out the details of saving money. Concluding, that if you have a higher education you have more job stability than most blue-collar workers in the workforce
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