Some People Are Unplanned Events In Life Essay

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“Some people are luckier than others." "He 's lucky, he just got lucky." Why do many of us think so? And for what reason? Have you ever noticed that random events affect your life much more strongly than the events that you have planned? An unexpected meeting, late for a meeting, a trip at the last - minute - these kinds of events often lead us in an unexpected direction and lead to a chain of unexpected events in life. The key of Luck is in the ability to see those opportunities that often lie at the heart of randomness and use them to your advantage. To learn this it is necessary to adhere to a simple, logical (for some may not entirely logical) methods. 1. Use random, unforeseen, unplanned events in your life We are constantly in the…show more content…
Risking One of the best ways to "get lucky" is to safely take risks taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. Try something new. Visit new places. Do not do only those actions, the result of which you know. Often to grow as a person, the most effective way is to go beyond the security and tranquility zone. Discover something new for yourself, learn new with curiosity, be ready for surprises. Act - even when you do not know what the result will be. 5. Act and make mistakes Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It will be rhetorical, but it 's true: only those who do not act are never wrong. And only those who never makes mistakes will never learn. Take calmly the mistakes. If you learn to react to errors constructively, then just improve your place and your progress. 6. Take the initiative to create your own luck Act now. Do not delay. Start today to pursue your goals. Do your best, be persistent and if your priorities change, be flexible. Learn to learn. Learn all your life. 7. Positive emotions - a happy life is balanced A person who leads a balanced life is happy, calm and open to new impressions and ideas. If you keep up support good relations with people around you, easily explore new opportunities, help others and continue your personal growth, then it will be easier for you to become a lucky person. Luck does not smile gloomy (or rather, can smile, but he will not

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