Some People Should Be Allowed To Keep Exoitc Animals

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Exotic Animals Some people might want to have an exoitc animal, and others wouldn’t want one. People should be allowed to have an exotic animal if they wanted one. People should be allowed to keep exoitc animals because it will be safer for the animal, they will get more attention from people, and the owner would get amazing bragging rights. To start, having an exotic pet in a house rather than in the wild would be safer for the animal. It would be safer because they can get killed in the wild. Also, they could one day become extinct. Secondly, the animal would get more attention, which would be good for the animal to feel and or experience love and companionship. The animal would get more love and attention because people would be so excited to come over to see an exotic pet. In the wild there is hardly any person out there talking and interacting with the animals. Lastly, the amazing bragging rights that the owner will get. Someone may say “I got got a new puppy or kitten,” then someone else says, “well I have a tiger!” This would be epic because a person can take…show more content…
First, animals from the wild are difficult to train. They would be hard to train because the owner probably doesn’t know much about exotic animals. Meaning, it would be much harder to train a wolf, or tiger, rather than a dog. Granted, training a dog is sometimes tricky. Next, wild animals could get out of control! These are wild animals, so people don’t know enough about their behavior to tell when they can get out of control and hurt someone. However, people should be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets because the habitat would be safer for them, they will get more attention, and the epic bragging rights that the owner gets. In conclusion, people should get up and go get a new exoitc animal, and live an amazing journey with your

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