Somebody Told Me Analysis

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In the articles that I read from the book "Somebody told me" by Rick Bragg, the characters faced many different issues. Some of the issues were significant while others weren't as important but all of the issues were important. All three articles had three types of issues the people were facing. In the articles, the individuals faced struggles because of the type of people they were, because of the need to provide for their family, and because of loss of a family member. The main subject from all three of the articles struggled because of the type of people they were. In two articles these people got the short end of the stick so to speak because of their race while in the third article it was because of his spiritual beliefs. People face struggles every day because of the people that they are but in these three articles, the…show more content…
In "The Valley of Broken Hearts" a woman was fighting the government to get a settlement because her husband dies from cancer after working in mines and breathing in radiation. Out of several thousand people who had filed to receive a settlement, very few had actually gotten one. In the article "New Development Stirs Old Case" there is a minister that goes to prison for murder and he swears he didn't do it. When he is released from prison he is no longer able to be a minister due to the charges that he faced. So he has to go back to his former part-time occupation of being a used car salesmen even though his real passion is to be a minister. In the final article, I read "French Quarter's Black Tapping Shoes" a young child has to dance on the streets of New Orleans because her mother is unemployed and her father is dead so she has to dance to get tips just so her family can afford to love. In all three situations what the people are doing is not necessarily an ideal way of making money, but rather the only way possible for them to
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