Something Good Robert Munsch Summary

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Something Good: By Robert Munsch
This is a book that teaches about a little girl who pushes the cart through the store while shopping with her family. While pushing the cart, and the father preoccupied, she filled the cart with many items that were oh so yummy to her, but not something that her father would buy for her. The little girl is so frustrated that her dad never buys anything good. He finally tells her to not move, to leave things alone, and she is so still that she gets priced by a store worker. At the end of the story the father cannot leave the store without paying for her at the register. She proclaims that her father had finally bought something that was good. (Book read on
An activity that I would do with this would
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One of the things that he does is throw trash out the window his parents are pulled over and cop confronts him. A store worker stops him from racing his cart down the isle and confronts him. Another one was not taking a bath and his sitter confronts him. With each turn of the page, the little boy does many different things that are typically frowned upon and each time he is asked that ever so important question of "What id everybody did that?". The last page is of him giving a hug to his mother and of others hugging as well. It poses the thought of how would the world be if everybody did certain things. (Book read on…show more content…
They will work in pairs or small groups and all students ideas should be heard and recorded in the illustration. An example is if no one ever washed a dish how would the kitchen look? Or, if no one used a trash can, how would the neighborhood look?
Zach Gets Frustrated: By William Mulchay
This is about a boy named Zach who wake up one day and nothing goes his way. He becomes so frustrated that his behavior starts to affect everyone's day at the beach. His father stops him and has him do a three step technique to calm himself down and change how he is feeling from bad to good. (Description of book at Barnes & Noble)
This would be a great book to help students learn a technique for self regulating one's emotions when they become frustrated with those around them. I would do this in a role playing activity where one student is frustrated about something that another student did and then they practice the three steps.
Me On A Map: By Joan
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