Something In The Forest Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 Something in the Forest: In this chapter, a character named Charles Monet. a Frenchman living in Kenya, is introduced. Describing his daily life, the author points out some risky behaviors that may have led to Monet contracting the virus. Some of those behaviors include over-interaction with wild animals and sleeping with many women, as implied by the author. After contracting the virus, Monet goes through many symptoms such as headache and vomiting feverishly. After constant demise of Monet’s well-being, his colleagues get him to a hospital. However, the doctors recommend that he go to Nairobi Hospital. In the flight there, Monet becomes even more ill due to the addition of his airsickness. He is described as looking like a “zombie”…show more content…
Although he has worked with many hot viruses, he has never worked with Ebola and Marburg, due to their lethality. In order to prevent more deaths among the monkeys, Dalgard decides that they should be euthanized. The chapter ends with a scary description of dead monkeys in a freezer. Chapter 12 Exposure: A trainee named Thomas is introduced, he is very composed and confident in a suit, and has studied various diseases in great detail. He and Jahrling begin analyzing the sample of the monkeys’ blood serum which was wrongly diagnosed. During the procedure, there’s a part where the scientists decide to smell it without knowing it’s infected or not. If the virus was airborne, both of the scientists would have infected. Chapter 13 Thanksgiving: The Jaax Family visits their family over Thanksgiving. They find Nancy’s dad, stricken with cancer. Then, they visit Jerry’s mother, who is grieving due to the failing crops. Dalgard finds that the virus is still spreading in the facility, sometimes alternating rooms. Chapter 14 Medusa: Thomas finds that a filovirus is in the blood serum, and becomes paranoid that he may have contracted the Marburg or even worse. He is scared that he and Jahrling may have smelled a level 4 agent. He then continues to analyze and marvels at the virus’ destructive power on
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