Something Wicked This Way Come Analysis

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In the paragraph above, Ray Bradbury showcased his craft and syntax. For example, he used numerous advanced vocabulary words such as cravat, hemp, interminably, and excruciate. Additionally, Ray Bradbury utilized a variety of compound adjectives in the description of Mr. Dark: sun-yellow, boar-bramble, clock-spring, ever-trembling, ever-glistening, tweed-thorns, moon-calm, and itch-weed. Furthermore, the use of compound adjectives provided a more vivid description within the paragraph. Moreover, Bradbury wrote sentences with varied construction and complexity. For example, he used commas to set apart appositive phrases. In the second sentence, Bradbury wrote, “His pale face, lunar pockmarks denting it, cast light” (Bradbury 73). In addition, he wrote multiple compound and complex sentences. Furthermore, commas in a series were used throughout the entire paragraph. In the passage, the fifth sentence contained commas in a series and was also a complex sentence. Creatively, the sentence length was varied as some sentences contained six words while others were made of over twenty words. Overall, the author’s craft was made evident by the syntax. In Something Wicked This Way Comes, the author’s tone was dark. Ray…show more content…
As Jim and Will visited the carnival frequently throughout the book, most of the major events occurred at that location. For example, Jim and will were caught by Mr. Dark and Mr. Cooger, the evil carnival owners, while venturing near the out of order carousel. After climbing into a tree, they witnessed Mr. Cooger ride the carousel backwards and turn into a young boy. This moment was suspenseful to the reader as they realized that the carnival and its owners were evil and powerful. In addition, the reader was caused to feel anxious as they waited to find out what the next event would bring. As numerous other events had a similar impact on the reader, it was evident that the mood was
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