Sometimes In April Movie Analysis

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In April – July 1994 a massacre genocide happened in the country Africa between two groups of African people, which were known as the Hutus and Tutsi. Rwanda is part of Africa the movie took place . Within these four months 800,000 people died. As I viewed the film Sometimes In April it really showed how they killed the Tutsi people just because of who they were. The main character Augustin and his brother Honore played opposite sides during the genocide. Augustin was a soldier who was married to a Tutsi woman. His brother Honore was a radio personal which caused a little spark in the massacre. Augustin’s brother Honore was being trailed in court when the movie began of the movie. Government officials believed that his radio stations was giving messages of hate and division were being promoted. The government wanted to jam the station. Someone stated it wouldn’t be fair if they jammed the…show more content…
1). This believed it was supposed to be “enlighten” turned into conquerors in the scums of the Earth. Everything the Europeans put their hands on their lessons of hate was brought to the country. Hutus then begin to pick on the Tutsi nation by calling them “cockroaches.” When President Juvenal Habyarimana this sparked a war in Africa. (Staff, 2009, p. 1)
In our book Intercultural Communications (2009) this movie reminds me of chapter 5 Initial Intercultural. This chapter talks about two different cultures types. Acculturation is a prime example of what happened in the movie Sometimes in April. Acculturation is defined in the book of people “learning some of the adapting or borrowing culture with the different practices and values” (Oetzel, 2009, p. 72). This was played throughout the movie when the Europeans came to the school and they started learning more of the Europeans way of
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