Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel Summary

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Sometimes the Earth is cruel. This is stated by the award winning journalist Leonard Pitts stated in his essay Sometimes the Earth is cruel. In this essay Leonard points out how the people from Haiti have had a rough time when it comes to nature and disasters of the like. Leonard all talks about the past of Haiti and and colonialism made it so poor. When the major powers of the world exploited Haiti and made it the way it is. With these things we can see how Pitts thought process. In the essay Leonard describes the peoples actions very simply. He says that the people do as people should. They dig themselves out and mourn. Also the Haitian people seem to always think that it is their turn to have something bad happen to them. Are they wrong? I don’t think so. With their past and the kind of disasters that have happened and will happen to them, it is hard to blame them. It’s what they do that makes them incredible. They dig themselves out and rebuild their homes and houses, then they just continue their daily life like nothing happened. Pitts uses a diverse vocabulary when he is talking about the Haitians and the scary disasters that they face all the time. For example, Pitts calls an earthquake a monster. This is obviously personifying the things that cannot be seen. He talks about how the ground opens up when…show more content…
Pitts wrote this essay so that people could see that other people have it worse than us. It is a scary thought to think that someone else is going through something so terrifying that they have to fear for their lives everyday. The message that Pitts wants you to take away from this is that no matter what you’re going through, you can always come back from it, like the Haitians have been doing for decades. The reason this is significant is because he is telling you that you can do whatever you want. That you can go through whatever and make it out on the other
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