Somsak Boonkam: A Short Story

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Somsak Boonkam originally lived in Roi-et province.His home is quite poor. His parents did not have the money to send the school and the school was far away from they sent somsak to live with aunt at the age of 8 in Chanthaburi province and has a school near the house. His aunt career as a fruit collector. Every day after class he will come to help his aunt regularly. Somsak was a diligent student from his childhood until he reached secondary school. He wanted to make a career that could feed his family. That is a engineer. He can take university entrance exams in the field of engineering in petrochemical engineering. Silpakorn University His university education was so good that a German company contacted him to work there. He went to Germany for almost a year and the company relocated to Thailand in Ayutthaya.And he was promoted to head of production.Because he is diligent in his work, he has good English skills and he has been working at the same factory for 3 years, so he feels like he has some time to go and relax. He took leave to travel to many places to India, the climax. On the trip to "Bodh Gaya", he saw a group of untouchables.The parents have to sit begging day and night there. Sit in a row for several kilo. Like waiting for some donation. Feeling that he did not feel like he did. Why did he have to sit down like this? He thought to get up and do something. He felt that he wanted to do something better for the others. From
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