Song Analysis: Big Bad Wolf

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Meaning: Acceptance of being emotional and crazy from traumatic experiences.
The song is about a character who was just kidnapped by a “Big Bad Wolf” figure and the figure is trying to make the character do things for him. But in return she poisons and kills him and accepts she is crazy and emotional, and insane and is tired of holding everything back from her previous traumatic experiences. In this line of lyric “need my prescription fill,” this is the turning point of her acceptance by saying she needs her pills to not be as insane. The next line of lyric “sing you a lullaby where you die at the end,” is where she is really accepting her insanity and taking back the control in her life. The theme of her song represents the pain in life and constant misery. This song can be very translatable because a lot of other people have had similar experiences and can put the different experience into their own words like she can with hers.

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What she means by “Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end” is she is going to poison and kill her kidnapper and break free from ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. The repetition is a sign of confirmation and empowerment that she is going to do what she says. The reader or listener has the sense of standing up for yourself is a good thing and not always for a good or bad reason. She also makes allusions to fairy tales and tales we knew as children. “Ashes, ashes, time to go down” makes a reference to the children's playground game “Ring around the rosies” signaling to the black plague, darkening the sense of death by showing that not everything is sweet and innocent, including death. The effect on the read is that there is an opposite to everything due to lullaby’s are meant to be sung from adult to children but in the song it is the child singing to the adult that she is tired of putting up with everything the adults have done for
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