Song Analysis: Brenda's Got A Baby

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2pac - Brenda’s Got A Baby The song “Brenda’s got a Baby” by famous rapper 2pac is not one of his more well known tunes, but doesn’t fail to captivate its listeners and make them think more about just how unique every individual on this planet is. Some for the good and some for the worse. Throughout the lyrics and music video for this song it gives the listener a harsh reality check on how hard some people have it in life and the tough decisions people are forced to make in tough times. “She tried to hide her pregnancy, from her family, Who really didn't care to see, or give a damn if she went out and had a church of kids, As long as when the check came they got first dibs.” In Brenda’s case, she is just a twelve year old girl growing up way too fast. She doesn’t have a great support system either. In this particular song the focus is on a problem big in 2pac’s hometown of East Harlem, where young girl’s were forced into prostitution at a young age. The purpose behind this song is to aware the country of a growing problem and to try and show no matter who you are, your life matters The song starts off showing Brenda, a 12 year old girl, walking down the street…show more content…
2pac expresses this in his video by always standing with a large crew, and when they chime the song talking about how she screwed up herself, Pac comes back with a line stating how she represents our community and because of that they are all one. “That's not our problem, that's up to Brenda's family, Well let me show you how it affects our whole community.” For the very first time, somebody was finally rapping about problems that women went through in their life. The Department of Justice stated that over 250,000 women run the risk of becoming child prostitutes based on factors like age, location and family
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