Because You Re Young Analysis

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“Because You’re Young” by Cock Sparrer (the name is not what you think; it’s off of 1900’s England jargon) is an upbeat song about a man trying to save his son from becoming a gangster bum who has no imagination or aspect of life. This interesting song has an interesting audience in a typical occasion, though not many songs are made of this. The song’s purpose and subject encourage me to be the best I can, and I encourage you to listen. The stanzas tell a great story and the use of slang and idioms make you feel at home. I feel that this song was written by people who know how the world works and have been through every part of it. “Because You’re Young” is not tightly knotted into analogies and enigmas like Because I Could Not Stop For Death, but instead it just feels like the modern era; like a man a lot like you is having an honest conversation with you. Nonetheless, this song is an obscure classic waiting to be discovered. The lyrics of “Because You’re Young” are semi-repetitive but still tell a great story. The first stanza portrays a man talking to a teenager; that the teen is sharp and has a great potential. The…show more content…
For example, the song uses the idiom “seeing it all in black and white,” which means that you have no imagination or always think inside the box, like a 1950’s television; no sound or full color. There is also an analogy, with the speaker stating that the teen “lives his life like a loaded gun.” This means that the teen is always doing dangerous things and his life is waiting to explode. A metaphor is included, portraying how the teenager doesn’t care about his parents or where he’s going. He “doesn’t look back, and doesn’t look down.” Finally, there is an analogy in the beginning of the school where the man explains that the teen is a young, sharp-looking boy that has a lot of potential. “Because you’re young, sharp as a
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