Song Analysis Of 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams'

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“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a song by an American punk band Green Day, the song was released as the second single for their album American Idiot which was released November 29, 2004. The song was written by the bands lead guitarist and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and composed by the band, it remains of of Green Day 's signature songs up to date. The song’s bleak lyrics is a completely different turn from the songs on their albums prior. “Holiday” was released just a few months prior and it is a song about a party and enjoying life while “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is much more of the hangover from the party. The song speaks about the “american Idiot” character Jesus of Suburbia and how he walks alone at night, just wondering the streets while the city sleeps, no one cares where he is, what he is doing and where he going. JOS is just walking with no cause after his holiday. The song for him is this idea where you could be alone because it gives you time to think and see things clearly however you can spend your entire life alone because eventually you want people to be there for you. The first verse of the song starts off by introducing the whole tone of the song. In the first verse the character JOS walks alone this lonely road at night “where the city sleeps..I walk alone”, the parties have died down, people have gone home and he walks by himself, no one cares where he is going. JOS himself does not know where the road takes him
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