Song Analysis: Remember Me With A Rose

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b. This scene describes what happens to Fermina immediately after the death of Urbino, including her grief and the reappearance of Florentino.
c. This song first came to mind from a sentence on Page 17: “Remember me with a rose,” which inspired me to choose this song. The name of the song (also the first three words sung in the song) resonate strongly with themes of both the scene and the chapter. Roses are, of course, symbols of love, but the name of the song, as a song of death and tragedy, also refers to the color of blood. This intermixing of love and death resulting from it relates strongly to the entire chapter.
d. In particular, “Red Like Roses” isn’t a heart-gripping song of grief and sorrow. It’s starting melody is slow and alternates mostly between two notes, and the only five verses sung are slow and vague. “Red Like Roses” has a contemplative and melancholy tone as opposed to a heart-wrenching cascade of slow notes, the main effect of which is to create a somber and formal tone.
e. “Red Like Roses” has five verses, all of which are vaguely poetic and definitely not literal. For example: “Red like roses fills my dreams, And brings me to the place you rest. White is cold and ever yearning.” There is a subtle irony in this when put next to the scene: this kind of poetic and vague verses of love are reminiscent of Florentino’s initial style of writing, when the death in question is of Urbino, a man known for his expertise and ambition.
f. The final reason this
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