Red Like Roses Analysis

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b. This scene describes what happens to Fermina immediately after the death of Urbino, including her grief and the reappearance of Florentino.
c. This song first came to mind from a sentence on Page 17: “Remember me with a rose,” which inspired me to choose this song. The name of the song (also the first three words sung in the song) resonate strongly with themes of both the scene and the chapter. Roses are, of course, symbols of love, but the name of the song, as a song of death and tragedy, also refers to the color of blood. This intermixing of love and death resulting from it relates strongly to the entire chapter.
d. In particular, “Red Like Roses” isn’t a heart-gripping song of grief and sorrow. It’s starting melody is slow and alternates
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While still a happy and sweet song, it is a different sort of happy from “Connect.” The song is composed mostly of a single slow yet happy melody with a lilting flute tone played over it for portions of the song. Some parts are entirely played by a xylophone, evincing a childish tone, but the majority is content and idyllic, much like the resolution to Fermina and Florentino’s relationship. At the end of the novel, Fermina and Florentino are simply content to live with each other, entranced by love but lacking the highs and lows of young love. In other words, they are content to simply live their lives in peace and bliss, the theme of the song (and the story it comes from).
e. Moreover, the repetitive tone is a fitting resolution to the novel. Like with most parts of the novel, Marquez avoids dramatic revelations and heated scenes. The ending is a sort of resolution to the story, but it is also a beginning of a new one all by itself, one that involves living life in peaceful joy. Life will go on, and it will be happy, with no exceptions, comparable to the rejection of reality for an idyllic life at the end of the novel. That lifestyle is
f. the theme embodied by the song “Undertale,” which coincidentally seems to name the end of a
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