Song Analysis: Review: No Good In Goodbye

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This song is the first track of The Script’s album: “No Sound without Silence”. “No Good in Goodbye” is a song that talks about a love relationship of a couple which ends, but the man still hopes that they can be together anymore. The theme of this song is love. From this song, the researcher can learn that even though the couple relationship is ended, it is better to have a good relationship as friends. Although it is not easy, but making peace with condition is the better way to have a happy life. Furthermore, leave and forget the past is an easy way to open a new and happier world. To deliver the meanings of the song, the songwriters use seven types of figurative language which convey figurative meaning as well. The first figurative language is metaphor. It is found that there is 1 line that contains metaphor. Metaphor “is an identification that is made between two apparently dissimilar things, so that some of the characteristics of the one are ‘carried over’ to the other” (Lazar, 2006: 1). Jay (2003) adds that “a metaphor makes an implicit comparison between two concepts”. The metaphor can be found in the 19th line. The metaphor is a comparison between an “art” and breaking heart. An art and breaking heart are two different things which are compared to tell the listeners that there is an art in the breaking heart. An art can mean lessons that are taken behind a certain incident. Here, the certain incident is the condition when the man’s heart is broken and he is sad

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