Song Lyrics Use Figurative Language

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“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” This quote said by Mr. Keating in the film Dead Poets Society explains that everyone has a different perspective on various subjects, including poetry. In this sense, poetry does not limit itself with just poems. Song lyrics are a beautiful representation of poetry. There has been some debate about song lyrics being considered poetry. Song lyrics should be considered poetry because song lyrics use strong language to get their meaning across, use figurative language, and engage their listeners emotionally. Lyrics, just like poems, use strong words to create a powerful meaning. According to Poetry & Song Lyrics by Carla Starrett, “Both poems and song lyrics rely on the potent use of language”. Potent language is frequently used in both poems and song lyrics. When poems or lyrics use strong language, they allow for the reader to receive the compelling message. Furthermore, the song Chandelier by singer/songwriter Sia Furler is a perfect example of poetry found…show more content…
Starrett emphasizes that “Both engage their readers and listeners emotionally”. Using all of the said before tools, song lyrics have the ability to create an emotional connection with the listener. Since poems are capable of that as well, in this way they are very similar. In addition, there are also examples of this in the song Chandelier. “Keep my glass full until morning light; cause I’m just holding on for tonight”. This song lyric generates a powerful connection with listeners who can relate to it. Chandelier is an emotional song that leaves listeners with a bundle of heavy feelings, which can also be found in poems. Connecting emotionally with listeners is one of the main goals for poets and lyricists, which makes their work
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