Song Of Solomon Allusion Essay

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Toni Morrison used many names to allude to the Bible. The allusions teach the reader the significance of our name and how we got our names.
The name Pilate is an allusion to the Bible. The name symbolizes how strong and
The name Pilate in the Bible alludes to the man who crucified Jesus. In Song of Solomon, Pilate is a woman ,but in the Bible Pilate is a man. Pilate got her name when her father opened the Bible and randomly chosen a name “ Since he could not read a word, chose a group of letters that seem to him strong and handsome”( Morrison 38). By Pilate’s father using the words strong and handsome , it illustrates that he believed Pilates name symbolizes beauty and her strength. Both of the words give the reader a positive connotation. In the Bible, Pilate does not protect Jesus ,but in Song of Solomon Pilate protects and care for her family” When she whined to the policeman, verifying Milkman and Guitar lie that they had ripped off the sack as a joke on an old lady, she had to look up to him” demonstrates that Pilate was willing to lie to
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The name Magdalena in both the Bible and Song of Solomon correlates with each other because they both decided to let their inner strength come out speak about what they believed. Magdalene in the Bible was considered one of the first female apostle and one of the women who visited Jesus tomb after his crucifixion and seen that Jesus had risen into the sky. Then, she went to tell the disciples what she saw. Similarity, in Song of Solomon Lena told Milkman about his behavior and how ungrateful and immature he been behaving. “ You are sad, pitiful, stupid,selfish,hateful man” demonstrates that Lena was calling-out Milkman for how selfishly he been living his life. The words Lena used are associated with a negative connotation. Lena told Milkman the truth about his life ,which led to Milkman to go on a journey to search for his
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