Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison: Character Analysis

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In the book Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. Many characters in the books have grown throughout the novel. In the Song of Solomon character are faced with the harsh reality of white privilege in society. Another factor that led most of the characters in the book to change so dramatically as they did, was that they could not change something as badly as they wanted to. The hopelessness that comes out of oppression leads to a violent and extreme mindsets. The characters in the book that were affected by the oppression was Robert Smith and Guitar. The book first begins with a man who killed himself the same night that Milkman is born, Smith jumped off the Mercy Hospital Building with a note taped saying “I will take off from Mercy and fly away…show more content…
Robert Smith had an extreme mindset due to the injustice of black people he saw on a day to day basis, this then, turned into a violence mindset and Robert Smith began killing innocent white people. Robert Smith could not take the pressure in being Sevens Days, which is one of the reasons that Robert Smith committed suicide. In the article I read “ An Excursion into the Black World: The “Seven Days” in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon,” there a quote that I read that strongly connects to my argument “ It is surely death that a black man faces when he murders a white person in America.” Although nobody killed Robert Smith because of the death he had inflicted on white people, Robert Smith still faced death due to the stress of being in the Seven Days. Robert Smith had an extreme mindset that made him join the Sevens Days to cause violence on innocent white people. Robert Smith realized that his only way out of the Seven Days was death, because of the extreme mindset he once had, he could never return to the black community because he knew that it is like death being a black male in
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