Song Of The African Creation Myth

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In each of these creation myths, there was nothing. No light, no life, nothing but darkness. Each myth agrees that, at the start, nothing existed and that our world and everything in it had to be created or to come from somewhere. Most of these myths incorporate some divinity or spirit who was said to create existence, although the Rig Veda “Song of Creation” breaks this common trend. According to the “Song of Creation”, there was the One who was self-sustaining but creation is not necessarily attributed to him. The legend speculates that perhaps the One created life but it also says maybe he didn’t and perhaps even he doesn’t know how creation happened. Whereas every other myth was definitive in how creation came about, the “Song of…show more content…
He originated in a bed of reeds, along with animals, corn, and everything else in the earth save man. Humankind sprang up from Unkulunkulu. Unkulunkulu took it upon himself to guide and direct man. He told them to eat animals, he named all the animals, he told man to make fire, to marry, and to have children. He also decreed that people were to be ruled by chiefs and to obey his authority. This differs from all other legends of creation because Unkulunkulu did not create the animals or the earth, only man, and the myth does not even say if this was intentional. Just as Unkulunkulu sprang up from the reeds, man sprang up from him. It could be that he had no intention of “creating” humans but that they just came into being on their own and he felt responsible for them. The Popol Vhu creation myth also has its own unique flavor. Just like the others, creation began with nothing. There was only the sky, the sea, and the Forefathers. Creation came about when Tepeu and Gucumatz had a conversation and decided that man must appear. The two of them joined their thoughts and together they planned the whole of creation, from trees to animals to man. They made light and dawn and spoke the world into existence. This is the only creation legend in this selection that incorporates two deities working together and creating existence through…show more content…
The words of a women were not completely disregarded as unimportant or insignificant, at least not legally. If a woman is being abused or neglected by her husband, then she has the right to leave him. However, this right is only granted if the woman has been “careful” and is not at fault. It a woman wishes to leave her husband but has wasted her house and neglected her husband, not only is she not allowed to leave him but she is actually supposed to be thrown into the water and killed. If a husband neglects or abuses his wife, there is no mention of killing him; the only consequence for abusing his spouse is that she is allowed to divorce him and get her dowry back. I can imagine that these laws were abused often. If a woman wished to leave her husband, he could falsify proof and claim that she was not careful with her house and that she neglected him and therefore cause her to be killed. Women were valued higher than slaves, as seen in law 209 and law 213, but they were still treated as property and considered inferior to
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