Song Of The Humming Bird Analysis

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“Song of the Hummingbird” by Graciela Limon is a book about Huitzitzilin an old Mexica woman who in the book tells both her life stories and sins to a young Catholic priest named father Benito. Throughout the book Huitzitzilin describes to father Benito how the Spaniards took the homes of her people and how they killed two of her kings. It showed how the the Indians were forced to fight back only because the Spaniards took advantage of their hospitality they were offered. Eventually the sad truth was that the Spaniards made the Indians weaker than ever from those diseases they brought with them. Which is the most important reason why Huitzitzilin lost her people and home. She would often talk about both her love and mother hood life along…show more content…
For example, when she would tell father, Benito the true details of history along with calling the Spaniards liars father Benito did not believe her. In other words, this is what I mean ‘“we have been told that our men came in peace, but that the Mexicans responded in bad faith, that you instead attacked slyly and in treachery.” “No! What a lie! That is not what happened”’ (100). The quotes showed nothing but the fact that father Benito was just one of many who were taught and made them to believe on what the Spaniards wanted them to know. What I liked was that Hummingbird opened up father Benito’s mindset on stuff he refused to believe in the first place. Overall the lesson father Benito learned was my favorite because Huitzitzilin cleared up the lies the Spaniards had upon the true history that happened to the Mexica’s. It affected me in a way that made me rethink the fact that maybe the country I live in might also be teaching students lies or that they are not teaching every detail of history. Therefore, it serves my life by making me wonder that everything I know might just be a lie this whole time.
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