Song Of The Lark Character Analysis

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Cather is a model of a lovable person. When I read this fiction The Song of the Lark, I am inspired by the friends of Thea. This paper explores the characters in Thea’s childhood. This fiction is considered as an autobiographical novel. Cather learns everything and she herself moulds her and she reaches her destination. Thea is the representation of Cather. Thea learns everything and she attains her destination. In this paper I try to mark the beauty of the novel which attracts the readers in the first chapter itself.
Key Words: Friends, imagination, growth and development,strength
Freud’s Virgilian epigraph to ‘Interpretation of Dreams in 1900’ - “Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebe”, which was translated by John N Swift as :
‘If I can’t move heaven, then I’ll raise hell’
This is very appropriate to Willa Cather. The song of the Lark brings in front of us that how child hood helps in learning. Willa Cather echoes her strong voice in presenting Thea and her childhood. When any one read The Song of the Lark, the character of Ray Kennedy immensely attracts the readers in general. This paper tries to focus on Thea’s growth both mentally and physically through her friends. Thea is an extra ordinary girl behaves maturely in her tender age itself. She chooses her career at her early age tells us about her nature. Cather succeeds in painting the characters in psychological and cultural development. Learning is always sweet for Cather. Thea’s
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