Song Of The Sky Loon Poem Analysis

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Poetry uses magical power of language to connect with the mysterious world. Native American literature was used to communicate ideas and beliefs throughout the tribes and the people. A lot of poems were used to tell adventures of humans, animals, and supernatural beings; as well as recount ancient times, beliefs, values, and info passed on in the Native American culture and literature. To demonstrate this idea, the following poems “Song of the Sky Loom”,” I Went to Kill/I Have Killed the Deer”, and “Calendar Fragments” use the major literary element, symbolism, to communicate the theme of nature, cyclical worldview, and use of ancestry. “Song of the Sky Loom” by the Tewa Indians, is a poem that has a passionate tone and speaks about the Tewa universe. The poem begins and ends with “O our Mother the Earth, Our Father the Sky (1 & 12),” which represents the cyclical worldview of the Native Americans and how the circle of life always repeats itself. This quote from the beginning and the end of the poem also represents the ancestor of things because it talks about family and how much it is respected, just like nature. The mother and father are an extended metaphor of the earth and how it never dies and continues everyday with new things being created. The imagery that is used throughout the poem to describe the nature is very enthusiastic. When the Tewa’s speak about “the white light of morning, the red light of evening, the falling rain, and the standing rainbow,” an image of

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