Song To The Siren Analysis

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In the songs “Song to the Siren” by Tim Buckley and “Sirens Song” by Miss May I, the allusion to the Siren song and the Sirens has the effect of influencing the reader into feeling sympathetic for men that bear losses, are powerless, and are forced to make emotionally challenging decisions due to deadly women. The way information is presented in these songs leads to readers feeling sorry for men in these situations. Tim Buckley sings “Now my foolish boat is leaning/ broken lovelorn on your rocks” in “Song to the Siren” (Buckley). Buckley is singing about man’s symbolic boat that was broken due to a woman. This allusion relates to the outcome many sailors faced when moving past the alluring Sirens. The Siren song influences sailors to abandon…show more content…
These sailors have to endure huge emotional duress as their vessel is destroyed and friends are killed. In his song, the broken boat Buckley references is an allusion to the sailor’s wrecked ships and is symbolic to losses that men today face. As such, the reader feels sorry for men who have suffered significant losses by interacting with dangerous women. In another song, Miss May I states that “One night can break a man for eternity” (Miss May I). In this statement, it is alluded to that a deadly woman, such as a Siren, can destroy a man’s spirit in just a few moments. In common mythology, Sirens would sing about emotionally compelling topics to make a sailor swim to them. Then, the sailor would be devastated to find that there were only Sirens waiting for him. This entire process would take a very short time to occur. Miss May I shows that, even in song, spending just a night with a femme fatale type woman can lead to men suffering extreme harm or even death. Emotional harm could take the form of severe disappointment or shock, and, in some cases, physical harm could also
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