Song Vs A Goal In Life

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The Art of Song vs The Art of Poetry
“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there” (Bo Jackson). Goal setting is the first thing in becoming successful in life. The song “Forever” by Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West is about how these rappers came from nothing and build up their careers by setting goals for themselves and never giving up on those goals until they were achieved. The poem “A Goal In Life” has a very similar message. This poem is about a man who made a goal for himself, he explains his steps and how he made and accomplished that goal. This song and poem are very close in style, they each have lines or verse and they both have rhythm to it. Although both the song and the poem have some similarities, the song
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Well the answer is no, rap and poetry both have differences that make them unique. According to this article, they argue that “The only reason rap may seem to nevertheless not be “real” poetry is a skewed take on language typical of modern, literate societies” (Micah 1), what they are saying here is that rap music uses lots of slang and confusing terms. Rappers make up words that sound the same in order to fit the rhyme scheme of the song. According to a different article they are arguing that “Bradley and DuBois are well aware that this means doing a kind of violence to rap, by severing lyrics from performance, the MC from the DJ. Ordinarily, you don’t read Ice-T, you listen to him, and his voice and affect, as well as the producer’s contribution of hooks and beats” (Triska 1) what they are saying here is that rap has a more angry tone and more violence involved than poetry. Jay-Z in the other hand argues that rap should be considered poetry. He said that “I hope readers take away from this book that rap is poetry. It’s thought-provoking; there’s thought behind it,” he said. “There’s great writing in rap as well. You never hear rappers being compared for like the greatest rap writers of all time.” (Horowitz 1) What Jay-Z is saying is that rap music takes a long process to make, writers do not just make a song in one day. He argues that there is an art involved with making rap music. There is a big controversy…show more content…
The song “Forever” has more speakers, a better story, more repetition and similes while the poem “A Goal In Life” has very little repetition and has no similes at all in the poem. Also there is a big controversy on whether or not rap is poetry. This song and poem both have some similarities but they have some distinct differences. If you want to be successful in life then you must set and accomplish goals for
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