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Sonia is an exceptional student when it comes to academics. She is very hardworking and will put in all her effort for everything she does. She has always had a great passion for science and finds her way to get involved in any science event. For example, last year she participated in the Alameda County Science Fair, and received fourth place for her experiment. She hopes to have a similar experience at the Stanford Medicine Research program as well, and her beneficial experience with the science fair pushed her to try out this summer program. Along with being an excellent student in school, Sonia is also involved in many extracurricular activities. She plays piano outside of school, and has been playing for 10 years. As a sport, she also in part of her school water polo team and swim team, and also does Krav Maga, Israeli street fighting, outside of school. She volunteers weekly at her prior swim team, Seahawks, where she helps to set up swim meets. She enjoys doing these activities because she loves to keep busy, and also enjoys meeting new people through her activities and gaining new experiences.…show more content…
She is very organized at school, and considers it a very important skill to her success. She is always on top of her work, and hates the stressful feeling she gets when she starts to fall behind a little. She is always striving to improve herself, and has improved considerably through her years in high school. For example, she has also tried to become more involved in her classes by participating more and staying involved in class discussions, but it is still a trait she is trying to better herself in. One skill she has always stood out in is her hard work. She will always give it her all in every project, assignment, or event she has, and therefore she is always satisfied with her

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