Sonic Carhop Worker Case Study

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Sonic Carhop Worker

What is one weakness you have?
One weakness that I have is being tired occasionally. I can easily improve that if I get this job by going to sleep sooner and a by having a passion to go to work and every morning. That is one weakness I have.

What is one thing you do well?
Think of a soft skill (or hard skill) that might apply to this job.
I am very good at communication skills and working with everybody even if the situation becomes a little bit awkward. I am also very smart and get really good grades, like having a 4.0 GPA every quarter in Chisholm Middle School.

Why Are You Looking for a Job? - Of course, everyone wants to make money at a job, but the reasons you should share with a potential employer should reflect
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- You don’t want to brag, but you should share an accomplishment that relates to some of the qualities or experiences required for the job you’re interviewing for.
My most rewarding accomplishment is probably getting straight A’s for ever since I was in 5-6th grade. I am very good in school and a very responsible person and citizen among others.

What Are Your Salary Expectations? - With this question, the employer is trying to establish that your expectations are reasonable. As a young worker, the salary you are offered will probably align with an entry level position. It’s usually best to avoid a specific number, unless you know for a fact what the job pays.

I would like minimum wage because I don’t think that I will make very many tips.
But it would be nice to make more than minimum wage to make a little extra money so that I can be able to buy.

Tell Me About a Major Problem you Recently Handled. - With this question, the interviewer is trying to determine how skilled you are at problem solving. It’s fine to use an example from school, work, sports or volunteering. Make sure you show a positive resolution.

I problem that I had recently handled was when my brothers got into a fight and they were yelling at each other. I helped them stop by calming them
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