Reflection Paper About Sonita

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Sonita, is a documentary about an 18 years old afghan girl who lives in Iran as a refugee who suffers a lot in her life because of the “traditions”. Also who have a lot of financial problems in her life. Sonita also love music and singing especially Rap. Our main characters are Rokhsareh Ghanem Maghami, the director and the screenplay of this documentary and Sonita Alizabeh. The documentary was released on April 14, 2016 in Denmark and was filmed in Iran, Tehran. The documentary started by Sonita cutting off her face and sticking it on Rihanna. Sonita wants to be a superstar rapper but it wasn’t really working for her. Sonita works as a cleaner at a refugee center, a school for Sonita too. She lives with her sister and niece…show more content…
They think that it’s the “traditions”, but it’s because people are uneducated and ignorant. I loved how Sonita rebelled against her family and their traditions. It rarely when a girl goes against her family. She didn’t gave up on her dream, which is to be rapper. I also loved the friendly relationship between the director and Sonita. Rokhsareh was concerned about Sonita’s freedom as much as Sonita does. When she helped her to reach her goal in singing, when she gave her mom the money to leave Sonita in Iran, when she went with Sonita to Kabul so she can make a passport although it was so dangerous. She was the only one who supported and believed in Sonita. I really disliked how her mom was treating Sonita. She was treating her as a selling product. How could she sell her own daughter in return for money! And she is saying it’s traditions when it’s actually because she have a financial problem and because she never thought about her daughter's future. Two scenes prove that her mom only thinks about money when the director gave her $2000 and when Sonita returns back to Afghanistan and gave her mom a golden earrings, she forget about the
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