Sonja Eve Singletary Biography

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Sonja Eve Singletary was born in 1962 to a small family in Florida. She lived outside of Texas for most of her life, and it was during high school that she realized that she wanted to go into the medical field. Thus she decided to leave Florida and attended Clemson University as an undergraduate. Singletary then received her medical degree at the medical school of South Carolina, and it was during her times at the University of South Carolina where she went on a trip to the M.D Anderson Center at Houston and witnessed the family-like environment. She then realized that M.D Anderson Center was the right place to go for her, and decided to accept a job there where she was also a professor. From there, Singletary started studying breast cancer, going more and more into research as her career went on, earning many titles like the…show more content…
Her research has allowed woman to make better decisions in their life in order to live a more fruitful life. Singletary’s diligent work rightfully got her inducted into the Texas Woman’s Hall of Fame in 1996-1997. The reason I picked Mrs. Singletary was because I strongly support fight against breast cancer because I lost one of my aunt’s to breast cancer. Therefore, I appreciate any fight against breast cancer, since it can be such a devasting blow to a family. The fact that Singletary was so dedicated to stopping breast cancer made me have a fierce admiritation towards her and what she stood for. She wanted to protect woman and she possibly has saved thousands of lives due to her research. Seeing that she has protected mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends, I can proudly say that I chose her because of what she stood up for. I also intend to go into the medical field, so being able to research her and witness her superb effort to help people; I myself feel inspired by her and her
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