Soulchild And Sonnet 116

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During the Renaissance period writers expressed themselves in a variety of formats. Many authors particularly poets for instance used the sonnet and for good reason. The sonnet was a useful way to express oneself romantically in fourteen lines usually with iambic pentameter. Therefore, there will be attempt to analyze and connect the selected sonnets with contemporary love songs. That is to say, two sonnets by William Shakespeare will be related to two modern songs that explore different aspects of romance. thus, Pair A will deal with everlasting love while, Pair B will focus on love directed at an individual who is not able to meet the ideal beauty standard. Above all, the selected pairs of texts will attempt to show how romance in both…show more content…
In "Don't Change" the author is writing the song to expresses his feelings toward his girlfriend. He tells her in line 9, " see I'll love you when your hair turns grey,girl". The author is letting the young lady know that he will love her regardless of physical changes. Likewise, in line 4 he states " We gonna both physically change". In this particular line Musiq is telling his intended time will progress without stoppage and deplete them both of their physical attributes. As the song continues to progress the singer in line 8 tells his lover "My feelings are truly unconditional ". Similarly, sonnet 116 explores the same idea of eternal love. For instance, in line 9 Shakespeare writes " Love's not time's fool, through rosy lips and cheeks; within his bending sickles compass comes". To be clear, he is telling the Fair youth that love dose not bend to time's will even when the physical being deteriorates due to time's progression. Both of the texts posses a similarity due to the authors dismissing the importance of physical deterioration in comparison to eternal love of the whole whether it be romantic or…show more content…
Sonnet 130 is written to express how different the Dark lady's attributes is from the era's ideal standard. Yet, the author finds her a rarity among the other idealized women. On the other hand, "Beauty in Ugly" by Jason Mraz, invokes the listener to understand that his intended recipient is ordinary and unremarkable. Yet, thee is beauty in ugly and she has other things to offer. Both works share a similarity in how they make an unremarked woman their focus, while at same time professing admiration for her. For instance, in Sonnet 130 lines 1-2 Shakespeare states "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips' red". Therefore, he is boldly declaring that his mistress eyes are nothing extraordinary in comparison to the sun, which shines so brightly. While her lips are an unappealing shade of red. Similarly, lines 3-10 continue on in the same manner with the author proudly admitting that he is aware of his mistress faults, yet he still desires her. Likewise, in the lines 1-2 in the "Beauty in Ugly" the author states "She's so big hearted, But not so remarkable". Therefore, Mraz like Shakespeare is fully aware that their lovers are not considered attractive by society's standards even though they appreciate them. In addition, Mraz states in line 3 "Just an ordinary humble girl". Thereby acknowledging that the girl
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