Sonnet 130th Poem Analysis

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Sound There are no complex use of alliteration or assonance in the poem, which is suitable for his message. The last rhyme does a sense of conclusion, which emphasizes despite all the recent undermining their beauty of his affection for his mistress. Settings, themes and ideas The basic idea in the poem is to challenge the poets who use too much hyperbole in their descriptions of their love. Shakespeare makes fun of the clichés of love poetry, such as the idea that their eyes are "like the sun". Through his down to earth descriptions he shows how unrealistic are the conventional metaphors. There is a sense, however, that this is a sincere love. Although her. None "goddess" which he still loves her and in fact thinks that she is more beautiful than one of the women that are incredibly written about the use of metaphors. Sonnet as a satire "The sonnet plays with poetic conventions in which, for example, the eyes of the lover with the sun, her lips coral, and her cheeks are compared with roses. His lover, the poet says, is nothing like this conventional, but as beautiful as any woman " Here Barbara Mowat has their opinion of the meaning behind Sonnet 130th this work breaks the mold, the sonnets had come to suit. Shakespeare composed a sonnet that seems to parody many sonnets of the time. Poets such as Thomas Watson , Michael Drayton , and Barnabe Barnes were all part of this sonnet enthusiasm and each wrote sonnets proclamation of love for an almost unimaginable number ,
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