Sonnet By James Weldon Johnson Analysis

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Heroes, people say don't be them, because it risks your life and it is not worth it, you don’t get paid, you don’t get powers, you're just you by the end of the day and do something some people call dumb. But being a hero is not just Rafael at a fair to become one, to be one is to do what’s right even when everyone is not. Do it for the better of life, not for glory, but for anything that drives you to keep going. All heroes are different, but also the heroes come from the same roots about how they do what they do. We are going to dig deep into that reason why soon. Although Mr. Johnson, Mr. McKay, and Ms. Wells had many different experiences, when the time came, they all acted very heroically. Write a paragraph explaining why did the person in this text act heroically. Here, we will speak of the poem “Sonnet by James Weldon Johnson 1893”.…show more content…
Mr. Johnson goal was to give people to stand up even after a beat down. The further reason of why Mr. Johnson move was heroic is that the whole text is wise, but to be clever with word and be wise to pretty strong. Because everyone will not understand if the text is just normal saying, you don’t need to understand everything so that people can understand you. Be Strong and Brave, it can be creative writing. Write a paragraph explaining why did the person in this text act heroically On forward, “If we must die, by Claude McKay 1919”, McKay acted heroically when he used his using writing to give people strength. In a time that black people were going through hell. Be treated wrong not because of their actions but their skin color. Mr. McKay poem on to fight to die with honor, as shown in the text, “If we must die,
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