Sonny Blues: A Mother's Ideas

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Have your parents ever been so right that they were still wrong. Well I’m going to have to take the daughters side today. I’m the essay I do agree with the mothers’ beliefs that you can be anything you want to be. However, I feel that the mothers Ideas are a little over the top. She wants her daughter to be what she see on tv as of whatever the daughter wants to be. I am a strong believer that yes you can be whatever you want regardless or race or ethnicity or beliefs but as a mother you are suppose to let your children figure things out as they go.

Then you have the James Baldwin story about Sonny Blues. Sonny was is the youngest of their family. After his mother mother and father died he found himself into drugs and doing all the wrong things in life except his music. In his music he found someone and soothing to love him and to listen to him. His older brother was an arm guy and always had something else going on in
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The mother does not listen to her daughter when the daughter is expressing that she does not want to be all these things her mother is forcing on her to become. She doesn’t want to be Shirley temple or the great piano player. She only wants to be herself and for her mother to think that is enough. The mother is making her feel as if she will never be enough to please her own family.

This issue is the same between the brothers in Sonny’s Blues. I feel as if Sonny is desperately searching for a friend. He turns to drugs and he finds a way to cope with his life everyday. He wants to be happy. However the brother is not listening that Sonny needs him oh so desperately. His only concern is himself and his wants. He has decided that his broth is a lost cause can only save himself at this point. I can tell that the brother loves Sonny but he feels as though Sonny wants to die because who else would he be doing heroine. Sonny just wants to be heard and listened
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