Theme Of Addiction In Sonny's Blues

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Sonny 's Blues is about the ongoing pain of brotherhood and how an addiction can quickly transform into wanting to reconcile and reconnect. It 's so easy for individuals to judge others on various decisions that are made throughout their life but why do male get the heavier load. Individuals quickly become judgmental towards others suffering and forget that their journeys are different than there 's. Sonny 's drug addiction just like any addiction come from a place of pain. The representation of Sonny 's addiction in the story is his relationship with the narrator. He indulges in heroin to the point where he cannot stand just like his relationship with the narrator. It has no standing ground and no balance which eats him up inside. The more…show more content…
Everyone can see all the flaws in his methods instead of analyzing his point of view. If the story was told from his perspective the readers of the book would be more sympathetic to his emotions and what he 's going through. Although we cannot pinpoint what his exact thoughts it 's clear that he only wants what 's the best for his wife. Adding this dimension to the story will make a totally different story. When reading the book, the audience quickly forget to analysis many things. They may not agree with the decision 's John is making but maybe that’s the only way he knew he could help as a husband. It 's very apparent that John care for his wife a great deal and what 's her to live a happy life with him. He suffers just as much as his wife, having to treat your wife who has a mental condition can have a heavy strain on the heart. John feels as the husband in the marriage that he 's supposed to be the one whose control the situation. In a marriage you have vows and in those vows your bond to each other through sickness and in health. John was a decent spouse that thought profoundly about his significant other 's condition. He is depicted toward the start of the story as being a doctor in high standing. This depiction alone offers profound understanding into what sort of treatment his better half was
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