Sonny's Character Analysis In 'Escape From Spiderhead'

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In “Sonny’s Blues” the past Sonny lived exemplifies how a person can develop regardless of their past. Sonny writes a letter to his brother revealing his great sorrow and hopelessness “But now I feel like a man who’s been trying to climb up out of some deep, real deep and funky hole..”(Sonny’s Blues” 78). Sonny and his brother reached many disagreements due to his poor life choices the consequence of this is that his brother isolated Sonny away from his life. The fact Sonny is writing to his brother shows the despair and low he faces at that current time. The development in character is shown in “Escape From Spiderhead” as Jeff agrees with multiple experiments as he acts of a pawn to the experimenter, Abnesti. Jeff would follow orders even
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