Sonny's Short Story Analysis

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The story starts with an anonymous Algebra teacher who begins to narrate the movie stating the news about his brother. Sonny’s arrest happened while in the midst of selling heroin as the news was told. He is disturbed the whole time because of this news that his brother continues to remind him of his students who, will probably meet the same fate.. With the hostile environment that his students encounter every single day, and often doubts their success in the future. As he ends his day in school, he is met by his brother’s friend at the gate of the school. Sonny’s friend is a fellow addict giving the narrator reasons to become dismissive with this old friend. Having too much guilt for the unsympathetic treatment that he has shown, he gave this friend five dollars and went on with his way. The narrator refuses to visit or write to his brother who is in jail for months. However, because of the unfortunate death of the narrator’s daughter, he then decides to write Sonny and has been in constant communication with him since. As the time arrived for Sonny’s release, he returns to Harlem and decides to stay with his brother. After the flashbacks and the attempt to search Sonny’s room for drug paraphernalia, the story closes as both Sonny and the narrator enter a club to watch Sonny play. From there, we see an emotional Sonny, playing to ease his suffering while his brother shares the same difficulty of being reminded of his. This emotional story demonstrates two aspects of

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