Sonography Research Paper

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A sonographer will give patents ultrasounds to look at their heart, liver, veins, pregnant women. It is waves that bounce back an image to the prob. A sonographer will be able to tell by the ultrasound if there is a problem with the heart, any problems with the liver, and for pregnant women it’ll allow the mother to see their precious baby and it will allow the doctor to detect anything that might possibly be wrong with the baby. In this medical field you are required to use your hands and your mind. You have to move the stick around to be able to get the correct imaging on the screen, you have to move it around on a pregnant woman's belly to try to produce the most enhanced pictures on the baby to be able to see if there is anything wrong…show more content…
No heart, no breathing. No breathing, no life. As a sonographer, you have to be able to read all of the imaging to be sure that the person is healthy and you have to be able to see absolute clean imaging or something in the matter of seconds can turn into a catastrophe. People rely on us to help them, to make sure that there is nothing wrong with their little ones, or them. An sonography tech will be able to advance in their careers, as they are the tech. The tech does in before the sonographer to get an ahead look on the imaging to give it over to the sonographer have a look ("Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.", 1). It is kinda like a nurse and a doctor. The nurse goes in to get all the vitals of the patient and to get an idea of what's going on. Then they go to tell the doctor, the doctor will come in to see the patient, look around, and then diagnose. So the sonographer tech will take the patient to their room, take their vitals, take a look at the imaging, then give all their notes to the sonographer. The sonographer will then go into the patient's room then look. If anything is wrong or something doesn’t look right, the sonographer will take it to the cardiac doctor or the OB/GYN fro closer look at what might be the problem ("Summary.",
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