Sons Of Liberty Analysis

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After winning the French and Indian War, the colonists were not very happy with Britain. They weren’t being given the rights they deserved. They fought in a war to colonize in the West, but due to the Proclamation of 1763, they couldn’t settle in the land they had just one. Yet, the British still had to pay money for the war, so they forced the colonists to pay taxes on paper, tea, sugar, and more. Without the rights they deserved and being overtaxed, the colonists were outraged and a group called the Sons of Liberty formed and rebelled against the British. The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization in the 13 Colonies. This was formed in 1765 to protect the rights of the colonists, most specifically to fight Britain’s taxes. As you can see in image #1, the men who are shown tarring and feathering the tax collector are wearing a variety of different clothing. This tells that the group appealed to a wide variety of average men, ranging from sailors to artisans. Although the cause of their actions…show more content…
One method was tarring and feathering tax collectors as shown in image #1. The purpose of this was to intimidate tax collectors into quitting. In the second picture, the tactics they used were thievery and burning down the ship so it wasn 't possible for them to collect the taxes. They also used intimidation and pressure in the letter shown in image three. The tactic pictured in the fourth image was withholding their merchandise, in this case tobacco, until the taxes were repealed. The picture depicts the members and other colonists signing a pledge for the Mayor of London, John Wilkes, saying they will hold the tobacco until the taxes were repealed and protesting the intolerable acts. The Sons of Liberty even threatened their own people, the colonists, to sign it with the “Cure for Refractory” sign hanging on a pole along with a bag of hot wax and
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