Sons Of Liberty

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The “Sons of Liberty” or the “Sons of Violence”? Only about 50% or less of the colonists, in the New World, supported the Sons of Liberty and defied the king, while all the others remained loyal to England. Many disagree whether the Sons of Liberty were heroes or if they were violent criminals. However, they were fighting for charitable reasons and their intentions were well meant a majority of the time. The Sons of Liberty accomplished many great feats, such as winning the colonies their freedom from England, and therefore without them, the United States people are now familiar with, would not exist. They also set an example for countries all over the world, and when other countries saw that we had won our freedom, they too wanted to change…show more content…
For instance, the Sons of Liberty started riots, committed treason, and started a war with England. Not to mention they were behind the Boston Tea Party, leading to the closing of the Boston Harbor and many colonists losing their jobs. In addition to all of this, they also didn’t pay their taxes, and were rather deceitful. The Sons of Liberty were masters of media, which could be seen in either a positive or negative light. These violences and crimes, however, could not have led the colonies to become the United States, and would not have gained the colonists their liberty. The Sons of Liberty’s willingness to take risks, proves that they were true…show more content…
In fact, most people believe that the Sons of Liberty were very deceitful, and destroyed economy in Boston, as well as property. To further prove the point that many people dislike the Sons of Liberty, the British soldiers often referred to the Sons of Liberty as the “Sons of Violence” to give them an inauspicious reputation. The Sons of Liberty even had the audacity to defy the king, which was seen as treason back then. However, the outcome of what the Sons of Liberty fought for, far outweighed any wrongdoings they may have committed. The Sons of Liberty were fighting for a sapient cause which was the liberty of the colonists. If poor decisions defined someone and made them an unacceptable person, then everyone would be unacceptable because everyone makes terrible decisions and mistakes. So, despite the actions the Sons of Liberty sometimes chose
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