Sons Of Liberty Research Paper

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Today is December 1, 1765, which marks exactly a month since the Stamp Act has taken effect. However, it has been months since the British Parliament passed it on March 22, 1765. Today marks an unexpected and truly heart-rending day in my life. My husband, Mr. Andrew Rothman Lewis II, passed onto a better place after a short and severe case of smallpox. A day before the parliament dropped the tax, my husband was diagnosed with smallpox. He was always a strong supporter of the Sons of Liberty and he hoped that he would be able to protest the despicable Stamp Act of 1765. But the severity of Andrew’s disease kept getting worse and he was given only a few weeks to live. Unexpectedly, during morning prayers today, Andrew looked as though he was…show more content…
Andrew was a strong believer of what they stand for and always participated in their meetings and peaceful protest. The Sons of Liberty started only about a few months ago, however they are already playing a major role in battling against the Stamp Act. They take the protests of the British taxes to the streets, where they burn decks of cards, newspapers, magazines, and legal documents. The Sons of Liberty use intimidation to get the tax collectors to quit their jobs. Not only has the Sons of Liberty taken action, but so has others colonists. Many of my close friends and neighbors have refused to tax in a way to protest the tax. Others have threatened tax collectors or have harshly made them quit their jobs. A few months ago, I, along with many others, decided that we were going to boycott all British products and merchants. In the past few weeks, the protests have really begun to hurt British merchants and businesses.
The Stamp Act Congress has a different way of protesting. They debate about what to do about the Stamp Act. They put together many petitions and other documents that they have sent to the king and British parliament. However, they have been mostly ignored. “Knock-knock.” For now I have break this disheartening to my kids. Wish me
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