Sonta Sontag

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Science fiction movies get one to live in a different world seeing themselves as people in the movies. People yearn to see the outcome and downfall of the movie characters. According to Sontag, science fiction movies are being associated with horrible things; it either happening in space or there have been human activities destroying the world. It seems too true to be true because sometimes we do perceive it as reality. Watching science fiction movies bring out the other side of us we enjoy, even though it is sometimes predictive. Viewers of science fiction movies crave for the dying of animals and the fallen of building. This makes us enjoy the science fiction movies to the climax of it. Science fiction movies create suspense, in order for viewers to know the mystery behind.
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She made mention of the vampire films where people portray themselves as vampires. Science movies are mostly about things that are opposite to each other as she compared magic to black and white is being associated with split technology. Science fiction movies are adventurous either good or bad. The use inanimate objects help in generating a perfect idea about these movies and help one understand the importance of science in human life. With the person in the laboratory, who is making sure everything works out perfectly well becomes the hero at the end of the thriller.
Lastly, “the imagination of disaster” comes across not only to the morality of the people but also political point of view. Not only do people get insight anytime they watch science movies but, it also educates the people. Viewers get more engaged in the long lasting joyful end to fill contented. People might constantly yearn for the craziest thing to happen when watching science fiction movies but, there is always a sense of making peace at the
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