Sony Competitive Advantage

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1.0 Introduction
Sony Corporation is an innovation and high technology electronic founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita under the name of Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp (Kee-nan, 2017), the company had revenue ¥68,233 million, a drop of 3%, compared in 2016, with the total assets ¥39,080 million (Yahoo Finance, 2017). Their mission to become a company that can inspire and fulfil customer's curiosity (Sony Corporation, 2018). It targets the consumers based on their lifestyle.
It is interesting to explore Sony, a company who creates a connection in the consumer's mind toward their products or service. Products that company offers to their customers playing an important role for the company as their products have contributed to the
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First, it made a comparative analysis how Sony is competing and their competitive position, the purpose to show the extent of Sony in the competitive landscape. Second, it focused on discussing the considerations of Sony to create a social impact. In the first part, it will discuss the company performance in Americans market. The second part mainly discusses the future prospect of Sony that can offer the valuable insight for the company in the future, and the conclusion would look back on the investigation…show more content…
The company tries to improve their solid state that can surpass the quality of tubes, creating a better sound for their customers, they also develop the solid state in television through replacing the tube that can make their TV's more reliable, better working and use less energy (Sony Corporate Website, 2018) as they compete in different segments when they enter USA market, therefore, they offer their customers through memberships, hardware and accessories for their game segments to replace the fall on mobile phone segments (Sony Website, 2018) It makes Sony become a competitive advantage in different segments, Through the development of their product in-game segments it made their product achieve the attained in the 2014 fiscal year, therefore, it creates the strong momentum of PlayStation 4 in America through the fastest hardware to install their systems which attracting the consumers in America (Nelva,

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