Sony Corporate Structure

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Introduction Selected sector:Gaming Consoles Company:Sony Model:Play Station3 Company Sony is a global electronics and entertainment company. Sony’s corporate structure comprises the following major business operations: • Sony Electronics, consisting of major product lines for television (the BRAVIA range of LCD TVs), information/communications (VAIO notebooks), video, audio, semiconductors and electronic components • Sony Pictures Entertainment, comprising motion picture, television business and theatre operations • Sony Computer Entertainment, comprising PlayStation game consoles and software business, that includes the internet-enabled PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) • Sony Music Entertainment, music recording, marketing and publishing businesses • Sony…show more content…
Marketing management relates to specific product marketingtactics. It varies from strategic marketing in its basic orientation. Strategic marketing focuses on wide-ranging strategic decisions at the corporate and business levels. Marketing management is apprehensive, by contrast, with specific strategic decisions for individual products and the day-to-day activities needed to execute these strategies successfully. At the operation level, marketing managers must focus on the four Ps of the marketing mix: price, product, promotion, and place…show more content…
This is attained by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of agreements”. Relationship marketing is a key factor in the market, it create customer impression and loyalty. Relationship marketing also helps to create good relationship between customer and sellers. A mutually satisfactory relationship makes it possible for customers to avoid significant transaction costs involved in shifting supplier or service provider and for suppliers to avoid suffering unnecessary quality costs. Long-term relationships where both parties over time learn how to best interact with each other lead to decreasing relationship costs for the customer as well as for the supplier or service provider. The quality customers perceive will usually differ, depending on what strategy a business uses. In relationship marketing the consumer interface is broader, and the firm has prospects to provide its customers with added value of various types (technological, information, knowledge, social, etc.). A normal way of monitoring customer satisfaction and success is to look at market share and to undertake ad hoccustomer gratification surveys. A stable or rising share of the market is considered a measure of success and, thus, indirectly, of consumer

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