Sony Marketing Strategy

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Sony Corporation is a well-known Japanese multinational company. Sony is one of the leading company of consumer electronic product. Sony main objective is to develop, design, manufacture and sale of different kind of electronics product that can benefit people. Other than consumer electronics, Sony also engaged in producing home-use game console, film production, mobile industry, financial services.
Sony was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka together during World War II. In 1946, they established Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, TTK. The company has invented Japan’s first tape recorder. The company recognition spread out and become a truly global company by produce quality and innovative product. In
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Beats uses the advertising strategy to introduce itself during the most-watched night of television. While Philips uses public relation to let more people know about their brand name. They held a campaign that which was name as “You Need To Hear This” to attract the customers to test their product in order to persuade customer to buy their headphone. Due to the choosing of competitors in using advertising and public relation promotional tools, so must use more promotional strategy than the competitor in order to fight with them since we are using promotional tools that are almost similar with the competitor do. We should be careful in the planning of promotion our new product especially for our target market which is child. For instance, we will planning a more creative advertisement on TV, radio and online website and bring out more creative event or game session that holds in public relation in order to let customer (children) feel fresh experience compare to the others company and also give a speech to the parents and children about the disadvantage to the children when using high tone…show more content…
The market opportunities of the headphone have include the benefits this headphone can provide to the children compare to other headphones, generation z growing up in the booming of technology and parents nowadays use gadgets to babysit their children.
In product strategy, we introduce a headphone with the features of lower volume limit to reduce damage to children ears, better noise-cancelling to provide better sound quality, smaller headband and ear pads to fit children smaller head size and wireless feature to provide great range connectivity and ability to connect multiple devices.
In pricing strategy, the headphone is set at around RM 300. The headphone have attaching value-based pricing. We decided to have a 10% special discount on the back to school season due to headphone is become essential item for students.
In place strategy, the headphone will be mainly distributed in Sony outlet store. Next, we will use indirect channel to save expenses. We decided to use multiple channels to sell our

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