Sony Vs Betamax Case

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After World War II, technology started to grow at a very fast pace, from home appliances to new home televisions. Televisions and the new market of T.V. shows were just getting started and the demands were growing drastically. In the 60’s, more and more channels and shows were becoming available due to the industry increasing at a rapid pace. With channels airing each of their popular television shows at a certain time, some people found it hard to catch their shows on time due to work and their busy schedules. In the 1970’s television and their gadgets/widgets were popping up left and right, but the one that caught everyone’s attention was Sony’s invention of the Betamax. In 1975, Sony invented a tape recorder for their consumers to be able to tape their missed television programs. This new invention was a hit for the public, but with a lot of new ideas and inventions peaking, comes some adversity. With the Betamax being…show more content…
Universal City Studios. The bickering was mainly about; does the distribution and promotion of Sony’s Betamax device hold Sony accountable for ‘chipping in’ on copyright infringement of public broadcasts? The Supreme Justice’s got their hands dirty and solved this issue in a 5-4 ruling towards Sony. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision was pretty similar to the one of the District Court of California, in favor to Sony due to the Betamax recording simply being the process of time shifting. The ruling, which was leaning both ways for a while, was made final because even though Sony distributed the Betamax, their relationship ended as soon as the recorder was purchased by someone. It’s only copyright infringement for the people who actually carry out the crime. It’s in the person’s hand to think morally about copyright infringement, not Sony’s. Sony cannot be held liable because they cannot make, or stop people, in doing what they want with that
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